Travel To Iran Differently

One of the guide tour’s schedules is definitely visit shopping center. Most of the Iran visitors enjoy walk around the old Tehran bazar in order to shop most fantastic Iran souvenir such as Persian handmade carpet, Khatam handicrafts, Safran, Pistachio, Cavyar, and so many traditional handicrafts and souvenir which originated from various old cities of Iran. Our tour guides our more than happy to assist you for the best choice of you

As each country has different traditional cuisine, Iran has many traditional foods as well. Interestingly, in each city of Iran you can taste local food and enjoy it a lot. Chelo kebab, Abgoosht, Fesenjan, ghormeh Sabzi, Baghali polo with lamb shank, Mirza ghasemi are just few examples of wide variety of Iranian cuisine. Furthermore, one of the delicious beverages which is must to drink with Iranian food is doogh. A kind of yoghurt based beverage with mint in it.

Iranian Handicrafts and souvenir would certainly memories you Iran old history and cultures. For instance, silk handmade Persian carpet, Gelim, Khatam, Persian Miniature are great handicrafts originally from Iran.